For this dinner I took a cue form Beyoncé and decided not to release a menu until the day of the event. I really wanted it to be a surprise for people who had seen the film as well as surprise the people who had put their faith in my ability to interpret something so visually stunning as the film into something the would be eating.  Unlike many of Miyazaki's films, Princess Mononoke had very little to show for as far as food goes. So many of these dishes were conceptual and required me to interpret my own dishes from mood and imagery. It wasn't easy but I enjoyed the challenge immensely. Finally, almost a full week after the diner has been completed here is the menu.

1. Home of the Kodama : Edible stones on edible dirt with a whipped garlic scape pesto, served with a Kodama figurine.

2. The Ball of Iron: Black rice Arancini, cooked with Jinhua ham, enveloping some hot melted mozzarella.  

3. The Traveler and the Monk Share a Meal: Morell Congee.

4. Lord Ottoko: Master Stock Braised Pork Belly, served with White Bone Broth and Faht Choi (Mongolian hair moss).

5. Home of the Forest Spirit: White Mushroom Broth, Lions Mane Mushroom, Edible Flowers.

6. Yakul: Elk on Kohlrabi and Celery Root Purée 

7. Blood of the Night Walker: Black Garlic and Cacao Ice Cream  

Here are some photos of the dinner!


Home of the Kodama


The Ball of Iron


Home of the Forest Spirit


Lord Ottoko




Thank you to everyone who came! Stay tuned for more dinner announcements!