Announcing the Next Studio Dinner!


As of this post over 50% of the tickets have been sold

The Miyazaki Dinners is a series inspired by the films of Hayo Miyazaki, a Japanese animator known for breathtaking imagery and unparalleled imagination. This dinner bases itself on the images and themes of the film Spirited Away and will therefore essentially be a "study in excess". Expect rich flavors, decadent ingredients, and a precisely calculated amount that leads up to "just a little too much".

Not sutible for vegetarians, gluten free diets. Pork may be served in this dinner and no substitutions can be made.

Tickets are non-refundable but are transferrable up to 12 hours leading up to the even so long as the new guest has the printed ticket.

Drinks included in ticket purchase

Must be 21+ to consume alcohol

Address wil be provided in the days leading up to the event

Find the purchase link below:  


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Egg Waffles Redeux

So this summer I've decided to really dive into the Hong Kong style egg waffle gig. I remember seeing these guys making these things and selling them on the sidewalks. Back then the would just serve it plain, wrapped in some wax paper and we'd just walk around picking the little bubble cakes apart and snaking on them as we did whatever insufferable teenagers who lived in Hong Kong did... which was probably go to the mall... or drink at 7-11. 


Now the game has been significantly brought. With ice creams, sauces, savory renditions and insane combinations springing out of great small Hong Kong businesses like Oddies Foodies. Ive decided to do a more nostalgic take on the trend: 



Sweet Egg Waffle

Sweet Egg Waffle

This is my sweet egg waffle: Vanilla Ice Cream, Macha Koala Yum Yums, Ube cookie crumbles, Chinese sweet egg roll cookies, chocolate poky, crumbled Chinese almond biscuits, and lychee gummies, all topped with a 5 Spice Chocolate Sauce. Basically I took everything that I used to eat as a kid and put it in an ice cream egg waffle.  It's a little cliché to say but this really is what my childhood tasted like. I was a fat child. 

Hong Kong Chicken and Waffles

Hong Kong Chicken and Waffles

I've lived in Detroit nearly 11 years now. And you can't be here in a place you love so much without leaning about the magic that is fried chicken and waffles. It's the best brunch thing you can ever had. It was the perfect brunch before brunch was a thing. So in honor of that I came up with a savory waffle. Hong Kong style egg waffle, marinated to be salty like they have it at the snack houses back home but made of thighs and breaded like Japanese Karaage and topped with a healthy serving of Szechuan oil. It's spicy, salty and umami on its own but strangely goes just as well with a nice helping of maple syrup - just like traditional chicken and waffles do. 

Both of these things will be available until fall at the studio. We'll go back to our regularly scheduled program after this hot madness is over and we can start eating some of that fall harvest good-good again. 



Kung Food

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Egg Waffles Are Here in Detroit!

Egg waffles are a popular Hong Kong street snack. Basically imagine a reverse waffle where instead of square inentations you have puffy round cakes joined together by a thin crépe crust. This is how we do waffles in Hong Kong and they're so damn good! I did a trial day last week with bacon and a 5 spice chocolate sauce and now we're going to be offering a sweet and savory egg waffle option every Saturday until the end of summer. Expect ice cream, and all sorts of fun treats to come with it for the sweet waffle. For the savory side I'm thinking why mess with a good thing and keep offering bacon but we'll definitely have to throw down with some fried chicken into the mix. Want to get your hands on some? Well you should know where to find me. If you don't, try to hook up with someone who does. 




Egg Waffle with bacon and 5 Spice Chocolate Sauce

Egg Waffle with bacon and 5 Spice Chocolate Sauce



Market Studio Dinner / The Hayao Miyazaki Dinners / Princess Mononoke

For this dinner I took a cue form Beyoncé and decided not to release a menu until the day of the event. I really wanted it to be a surprise for people who had seen the film as well as surprise the people who had put their faith in my ability to interpret something so visually stunning as the film into something the would be eating.  Unlike many of Miyazaki's films, Princess Mononoke had very little to show for as far as food goes. So many of these dishes were conceptual and required me to interpret my own dishes from mood and imagery. It wasn't easy but I enjoyed the challenge immensely. Finally, almost a full week after the diner has been completed here is the menu.

1. Home of the Kodama : Edible stones on edible dirt with a whipped garlic scape pesto, served with a Kodama figurine.

2. The Ball of Iron: Black rice Arancini, cooked with Jinhua ham, enveloping some hot melted mozzarella.  

3. The Traveler and the Monk Share a Meal: Morell Congee.

4. Lord Ottoko: Master Stock Braised Pork Belly, served with White Bone Broth and Faht Choi (Mongolian hair moss).

5. Home of the Forest Spirit: White Mushroom Broth, Lions Mane Mushroom, Edible Flowers.

6. Yakul: Elk on Kohlrabi and Celery Root Purée 

7. Blood of the Night Walker: Black Garlic and Cacao Ice Cream  

Here are some photos of the dinner!


Home of the Kodama


The Ball of Iron


Home of the Forest Spirit


Lord Ottoko




Thank you to everyone who came! Stay tuned for more dinner announcements! 



Be Back Soon!

The studio will be closed Saturday the 28th and February the 4th. We'll be back to our regularly scheduled program on the 11th! 


-The Studio




Menu for Market Studio Dinner III is now live!

For this dinner I wanted to create menu that is reminiscent of a walk through a winter forest. So think the aromas of pine, earth, and light hints of smoke. While the previous dinner was just a clustermess of pure decadence and excess this one is much more subdued. I'm focusing leaving diners full but absolutely energized and refreshed; ready to take on the  rest of the evening or maybe just drink a little more than usual.

Market Studio Dinner 01-20-2016.jpg



Store Down This Week!

Hey all,

The online store is closed this week because of a dinner that's happening the night before. I can't prep those pre-order dishes while serving up 10 courses to each person on Friday night! Don't worry though, there will be special surprises on Saturday!