The Illustrated Wok

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The Illustrated Wok


From the Publisher:

The Illustrated Wok is a print collection of hand-illustrated Chinese recipes from some of the best chefs around.

This cookbook shines a spotlight on “next-generation” chefs who are rethinking Chinese food to serve the needs and cravings of 21st century diners. This book is for all the home chefs who want to recreate this magic in their own kitchens.

We reached out to 40 well-known chefs, asking each to choose one restaurant-quality recipe that reflected their deep connection to Chinese cuisine. Next, we assigned each recipe to a different illustrator. We challenged these artists to use visual storytelling to bring the dish to life – while integrating the full recipe text into the illustration.

- 40 full-color illustrations, each on a double-page spread
- Trim size: 7.87" x 9.6" (200mm x 245mm) 
- Heavy matte paper stock


From Jon:

OMG you guys, I'm in a book.

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