One Dozen Dumpling Roses


One Dozen Dumpling Roses

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Want to surprise your loved one in a way that isn’t, like, totally basic? Give them the gift they never knew they wanted with a dozen dumpling roses. The dumplings are made the night before, frozen for easy storage, and includes a little tutorial on how to cook and serve this unique food item. If you’d like, I’ll cook up a few of them for you to have in the studio… but I’m not doing the whole dozen… ain’t nobody got time for that.

Please order by Tuesday at noon for availability on Saturday

Dumpling Filling:
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For preorders each item has it's own pre-order limit. Some take a day in advance to prepare some take two or even more. Orders made outside of the timeline will be prepare and ready the following Saturday. So if you order -say- Squab which take 3 days to prepare on a Friday it will be prepared the next Saturday and not the day after the order was made.

On the day of your order you have between 10 and 4 on the Saturday of preparation to enjoy your meal at the studio. If you do not arrive by 3:30pm your meal is forfeited and you will not receive a refund as we have already spent the time and resources to prepare the meal for you. You can transfer the meal to someone provided they have the receipt of purchase (which you can forward to them via email).

Legal Note: Eating undercooked food may increase the risk of contracting food borne illnesses...